How to signup on Inspedium Cloud?

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How do signup on to Inspedium Cloud?

Are you running a business and want to get domain and cloud hosting for your brand website? Then Inspedium Cloud is best for you. Inspedium Cloud provides safe and reliable cloud hosting services in over 25+ global locations. This knowledgebase blog will explain to you how to sign-up on Inspedium Cloud.

We will highlight all the features and unique tools, which Inspedium Cloud offers. Initially, let’s start with the basic understanding and knowing what makes Inspedium Cloud unique, as compared to other cloud hosting service-providing companies.

Why Inspedium Cloud?

If you are looking for better performance of your website and maximize the web applications. Then Inspedium Cloud is a secure and reliable cloud web hosting service provider. You can get a holistic experience as compared to other cloud hosting service providers around the world. The below-mentioned are some of the key features which are core reason of why you should choose Inspedium Cloud for your business website:


  • Safe & Secure Data
  • Better Performance
  • Increased Scalability
  • Cost-saving
  • Reliable
  • Smooth
  • Flexibility

Step 1: Go to Inspedium Cloud Login Page

Simply you have to search the URL: 

Once you land on the website, you will see Inspedium Cloud Home Page as you can see below:

Step 2: Login/Sign-up Your Account

You will have multiple options to sign-up or log in to your Inspedium Cloud account from, such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, or simply by your email address. Once you enter the email address and password, you can log in to the account. (As mentioned below).

Now, after you successfully log in to the Inspedium Cloud Dashboard. You will see ‘Deploy Your Managed Application’ as mentioned in the screenshot picture below:


Step 3: Deploy Your Managed Application Section

As you can see now, that > Deploy Your Managed Application section appears on the screen. Once it appears, in order to proceed forward you will have to enter the below-mentioned application and server details:



  • Select Application > WordPress/Laravel/Magento
  • Select Manage App > E-commerce/Medical/Clothing
  • Enter Server Name > ShaunServer/ABCServer
  • Select Project (Not-mandatory)
  • Choose the Cloud Platform > VULTR or LINODE
  • Select Server Size > 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB (You can always scale up your server size whenever required.)
  • Select Server Location > you can select from a list of different servers in over 25+ global locations.

(As mentioned above)                                                                                 

After entering the details, you can now proceed forward, as you can see below that the payable amount of the subscription is $34.84 for 27 days (VPS). However, the payable amount from the second month and onwards will be $40.00. If you agree with the payable amount, then you can proceed further and click on > Launch Now. Otherwise, if you are not willing to continue with the package due to any reason, then you can click > Cancel.


Step 4: Select the Domain 

> Enter Domain Name and click on > Search

You can choose from the below-mentioned three options:

  • Registering Domain
  • Transfer Domain
  • Use Existing Domain


Registering Domain

If you want to register a new domain website, you can simply do it with Inspedium Cloud. It will add professional credibility to your company. You can search and register the domain as per your choice; however, it entirely depends on its availability.


Transfer Domain

If you want to transfer your current domain to Inspedium Cloud. We offer transferring domain services as well. From your current domain provider we will transfer your domain to our cloud server. In this way you will be able to cater the primary focus of your website, which is security. Furthermore, it will improve the user experience. To know about tips and tricks about transferring you hosting service from your current hosting provider in our Knowledgebase section.


Use Existing Domain

If you want to use the existing domain, which you have for your business and just, want to transfer your hosting services. Then, we have that option for you as well. It does not only saves your time but it becomes very cost saving for your business as well. The choice of choosing the domain, completely depends on you.

Step 5: Review & Payment Section

In the review and checkout section, you can review the entire details like domain name, duration, domain price, platform, Class, and Server Name Location along with the cloud hosting server charges as mentioned below:


Step 6: Confirm Your Payment

Once, you are ready to go ahead with the total payable amount (For example; $25.89). So, then click > Place order

After this step the total payable amount receipt will appear on the screen as mentioned below:

You will have to enter the below-mentioned bank details in this section:

  • Bank Card Number
  • Bank Card Validity
  • Bank Card CVC 

After entering the correct bank details in this section you can click on > Pay now

Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a notification on the main screen.

Account Created

Your account has been successfully created. To learn and find out more regarding the features and offerings of Inspedium Cloud you log in with your account credentials by simply searching: and login our Inspedium Cloud Knowledgebase section.


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