How to optimize Laravel website?

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How to optimize a Laravel website?

Are you experiencing slow performance and want to know how to optimize your Laravel website? You are at the right place. Well, this problem occurs when the Laravel website is not well-optimized. Therefore, using the right optimization technique can help you boost the performance of your Laravel website. You can maximize the performance speed in multiple ways. They are easy to optimize when it comes to utilizing them to their maximum potential.

Why Is Laravel performance so essential?

The performance of Laravel is very essential for your business. Therefore, developers around the world need to focus diligently when it comes to its performance. Even a fraction of second matters. 

  • Ø  A 1-second delay in website loading impacts the conversion rate by 20%
  • Ø  49% of consumers expect a page to load in 2 seconds.
  • Ø  If it takes more than 3 seconds to load a mobile webpage, then 53% of users leave the website.
  • Ø 75% of users never visit the site again if it fails to load within 4 seconds.

Some of the most efficient ways through which you can speed up the performance of your Laravel website and optimize it are as mentioned below:

Make sure you have good indexes for your Laravel website database

The schema builder supports multiple types of indexes. To create the index, we can simply chain the method into the column definition as mentioned below:

You can also create the index after defining the column as an alternate. For example

In order to create a compound index. You can pass on an array of columns to an index method.

After this step, Laravel will automatically generate a reasonable index name.

Use Caching For Laravel Website

Caching routes is a critical efficiency tool, especially for apps with a large number of routes and customizations. The Laravel website has multiple routes and configurations. In order to bypass the route processing by caching all routes. Run the command routes.php file as mentioned-below

To cache a manifest of all of your app's events and listeners run the below-mentioned command:


You need to clear the cache to reflect any new changes by using the below-mentioned commands:

Install high-quality plugins only

Install high-quality plugins on your Laravel website to provide the best web experience to your clients. You should build your own plugin business as well as develop new ones at very low cost and help other developers from these projects.

Use Laravel ORM over raw query

You should avoid writing your own raw query. Larvel website comes with Eager loading (ORM). Therefore, it is very beneficial for you to use it.

Optimize Composer

It is very beneficial for you to optimize your Laravel website composer if you are looking for how to optimize your Laravel website. It will not only improve but also increase the performance and speed of your Laravel website. Furthermore, you should get away with all the unwanted packages and make use of the queues effectively and efficiently. Laravel uses an optimized composer to manage its conditions and increase performance. To initialize, download a duplicate of the composer. You just need to run a single command in the production as mentioned below:


Inspedium Cloud offers highly optimized Laravel hosting and cloud management services for you, so you can focus on growing your business without any hassle. We ensure to deliver high-performance and secured services for your web applications. If you need any further help, then feel free to search your query on Inspedium Cloud Knowledgebase or contact our support team. 


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